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  • Sales through Kitchens and Bathrooms:

    Kitchens and Bathrooms Sell


    People spend a large part of their day in their kitchen and bathroom. Research has shown these two rooms to be at the top of the list of sales features when it comes to real estate sales.


    A big open kitchen can be good for watching the kids while making dinner, but not only growing families are looking for a larger kitchen.  Open kitchens are also great for those who enjoy cooking and entertaining.  Take care to make sure your kitchen is showing its true counter and cupboard space by clearing countertop clutter and removing excess decorative items from the tops of cupboards and in glass door cabinets.  Also, make sure there are no additional carts, bookshelves or tables hindering the traffic flow.


    Today’s image of the ideal bathroom is that of a spa-like getaway inspiring a sense of relaxation and freshness. No matter the size or style of your bathroom, you can make it a more restful place to escape.


    Here is a list of things you can do to improve these two key areas in your home:


    • Start with the paint color. Pick a neutral color that will flow nicely with the rest of the home. Paint the ceiling a tint of that color and the trim a lighter color. White trim can give a clean feeling to a room. 
    • Fix damaged tiles or replace unattractive flooring. Old vinyl tile with mold and mildew stains will really diminish the value of your home. Update with current flooring to make the room look more appealing and larger.  Take the time to line up new tiles properly, crooked tiles or inconsistent patterns are not an improvement. 
    • In showers, sinks, tubs, or toilet repair damaged caulking and get rid of mildew stains. Wash fabric shower curtains to remove mold and mildew or purchase new shower curtain liners.
    • Shine hardware.  Make your faucet, taps, and showerhead sparkle.  Use a toothbrush around faucets where it is difficult to clean. Turn your shower curtain bar, so that the shiniest part is facing outward.  The eye is attracted by shiny things and it will make any hardware look new again.
    • Sinks should be clean and stain free. 
    • Tighten or replace loose cabinet handles. Updating cupboard hardware can be a really quick update and change the whole feel of the kitchen or a bathroom vanity.
    • Leaky faucets should be repaired.
    • Old kitchen and bathroom cabinets should be painted or refinished. Do not be afraid to paint wood.
    • Countertops that are old and scratched should be replaced; an updated countertop will make a big difference in the offers that you receive.
    • Remove garbage and knick knacks for a clean look and smell. Make it smell pleasantly clean but be careful not to over-scent with products that may be offensive to some.
    • Allow natural light to come in.  Tie back curtains and reevaluate window treatments. Window treatments should highlight the window, not conceal or distract from it.  Clean mirrors, lighting fixtures and bulbs as well as, windows inside and out.
    • Remove bills, papers, and personal items from countertops to show their true size and functionality

    Fixing up your kitchen and bath following these steps can easily increase the market value of the home you are selling and make buyers jump to make you an offer.



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