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  • Seniors Housing in Nova Scotia

    Have you lived in your home for decades and accumulated too many items to take to a smaller space?

    Are the very things you love creating safety issues for you in your home?

    Does a recent change in your health or progressing physical limitations require new accommodations to your existing living arrangements?

    Do you or a family member need minor assistance with daily activities?

    Do you require support for parents not living nearby?

    Moving to a new home, senior community or assisted living facility?

    Organize Anything experts understand the needs of seniors and their Seniors Housing in Nova Scotia. We provide caring and confidential services so you feel secure knowing your comfort and health is our priority. We evaluate and adjust your space and services to meet your individual needs. We help create an independent living environment that is safe and easily functional. 

    Our organizers can provide seniors services:
    • Provide referrals for key suppliers
    • Manage projects like minor renovations
    • Assist when family members are out of town for short periods of time  or are living elsewhere

    Seniors Housing in Nova Scotia Services:

    • Bill payment and budgeting
    • Mail and excess paper management
    • Making your home healthier and safer- fall prevention, decluttering, air quality
    • Creating systems that encourage your short and long term health goals
    • Simplifying processes to find things faster and access easier
    • Scheduling and routines like doctors visits and medication protocols
    • Decluttering, sorting and organizing belongings
    • Provide layout of furniture for safest flow
    • Organize collections, mementos and photographs
    • Estate planning and important document locating

    Seniors Moves

    Organize Anything will help you plan your move. We will coordinate the tasks that need to be done and supervise activities to make the transition smooth.

    Organize Anything will create a plan tailored to the seniors capacity and resources. We assist with the emotional and physical aspects of a move.

    It is our policy to treat seniors with dignity, using patient dialogue to assist with the decision of what to keep and what goes.

    Seniors Moves Services:
    • Coordinate movers
    • Measure furniture and create detailed, to scale floor plan of new space for furniture placement
    • Assist with purchasing items for the new home if needed
    • Make arrangements for dispersal of items to family, for sale and donations
    • Facilitate utility and address changes
    • Not living in the area? We will provide you with the information you need to make for a smooth transition to your new home.
    • Sorting contents of a home
    • Assistance with selection of a realtor
    • Staging your home for a faster and more profitable sale
    • Oversee repairs and renovations

    Call the experts at Organize Anything to make you and your family’s life less stressful.


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