A Home for those with Environmental Sensitivities

A Home for those with Environmental Sensitivities

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Breathe better. Ninety percent of the average Canadian’s time is spent indoors, and air pollution is often two to five times greater indoors. Dust, dust mites, molds and contaminants from many of our household products trigger adverse reactions in varying degrees for most of us.  A cluttered environment makes it difficult to rid our homes of certain irritants and a simplified and back to basics approach will often help to create a healthier home. Start with your bedroom because this is where you spend most of your time. Declutter, have soft furnishings that are easily washed and think carefully about what you allow to be in this very important space.  Even items such as new carpets, sofas, and wooden furniture can have a negative impact on your health due to off-gassing.  Off-gassing is the release of toxic agents such as glues and finishes used in the manufacturing process.  To eliminate such things from your house you have to do your research and purchase organic fabric furniture and naturally finished wooden items. 

Eat better. When we start to eliminate toxins and irritants in our homes it is easy to continue this pattern by looking at the foods we eat. Education is key- reading labels show you what additional additives are in your food and also makes you more aware of calories, fat and fiber.  Think about how the food is processed and packaged.  Frozen fruits and vegetables contain the most nutrients (even more than most fresh produce) because they are flash frozen right after being picked.  There are health concerns about foods packaged in tin cans due to the plastic lining used, so opt for fresh foods or those packaged in glass jars.  Pesticides cannot be washed off some produce such as celery or peaches as it has leeched inside.  Make a habit of picking local and organic foods for a diet that is good for you, the environment, and your local economy.  The fuel we feed our bodies determines how it will operate.  Providing our bodies with the proper nutrients, unprocessed food and variety in food sources allows us to function more productively. Getting organized allows improved purchase, preparation and meal planning – the key ingredients to a healthier diet.

Live better. It’s amazing the number of chemicals, scents, and synthetic products we use everyday.  Eliminating these things from your environment can help clear your body and your mind letting you lead a happier, healthier existence.  We often use chemicals unsafely and unnecessarily.  Use of bleach should be limited and should be handled with care limiting inhalation and contact with skin.  What’s in your laundry detergent?  The answer could be scary.  Many popular brands of laundry soap contain scents, chemicals, and potential carcinogens, which stay in your clothes.  There are many alternative products available in the natural section of your grocery store or try some homemade cleaners such as baking soda and boiling water for a clogged drain, soap and water to clean windows, or salt to lift wine stains from carpet and fabrics.

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