Car Clutter

Car Clutter

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Did you know that 80 per cent of car accidents are caused by distracted drivers? Many of these drivers were looking for something. If you keep your car organized with these few simple tips, not only can you avoid accidents, but your car will no longer resemble your junk drawer.

1)  Buy an over-the seat-organizer: You can get them to attach to the back of the seat, to sit on the seat, to sit on the floor — just about anywhere! You can keep maps, umbrellas, toys, books and snacks in there. If everything is in the organizer, it means the items are not rolling around on the floor.

2)  Don’t overstuff your console: This will keep you from digging to the bottom while you are driving. Keep a small note pad, a working pen, tissues or baby wipes and a container to hold small items like change.

3)  Not everyone likes — or needs — junk in the trunk: If it doesn’t need to be there, why is it? Take it into the house and put it in its proper spot. Take inventory of the items that you do require in your trunk. Grocery bins, storage containers or trunk dividers can keep things from moving around.

4)  It may be called a glove compartment, but try not to keep your gloves in there: Keep only car-related items in there. This includes the owner’s manual, insurance and registration, car cell phone charger, etc.

5)  Keep a garbage bag or can handy: Hang it off of the back of the seat or place it on the floor so that it does not get in the way of your driving. Try to get into the habit of emptying it every time you fill up on gas.

6)  Keep up-to-date on your inspections and appointments: Sometimes we think that since the car is not human, we can push its maintenance to the back burner. When you go to pay for an oil change, book your next one.

Remember: people you love drive in your car, so you want them to be as safe as possible. Use these tips to avoid accidents and stay organized!

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