Electronics Strike the Wrong Cord

Electronics Strike the Wrong Cord

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You have a beautiful flat screen TV mounted on your wall like a piece of art.  There is a perfect lighting scheme. You've got a cordless phone so you can easily roam the room or work on your laptop.  What could be wrong with this picture? Cords!  Black, grey, blue and white lines drawing the attention away from your home to the loopy tangle stuffed behind your media center, lines running along the walls and across the floors. Ugh! How to deal with all of these cords?  Here are some methods of cord containment and camouflage.

Tubing.  For entertainment centers and computer stations where there are a lot of cords, try to start fresh by untangling the cords and smoothing them out.  Then use pipe cover (foam insulator or flexible plastic) that has been sliced lengthwise to allow the cords to be hidden inside all the way from the device to the wall.  For flat screen TVs, you can purchase special plastic molding that will contain the cords and can be painted to match your walls. 

Tying.  Create a quick solution for cords that easily tangle or are too long.  You can use twist ties, zip ties, or special color coded Velcro ties.  Untangle the cords one by one, looping ones that are too long.  This is a good time to label them as well.

Masking.  If you can't find another way to run the cords, try to blend them in.  Use colored electrical tape (such as white) to cover cords that stand out.  Use special tacks to run the cord along the baseboards of the room.  If the room is carpeted try to nest it in the pile of the carpet where it meets the baseboard.

Minimizing.  Go cordless whenever possible and hide chargers and docking ports out of sight. Create a charger box by threading charger cords through holes in a shoe box.  Plug the electronics into a power bar in the box.  The plug for the power bar will go out a hole in the box and be plugged into an outlet.

When not in use unplug electronics.  Any room will look larger and more inviting with less electronics.  This will save you energy too! When something is not in use (such as video game systems and chargers) get in the habit of tucking it away.

What a difference tidy cords will make in the appearance of your home!

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