House Tetris

House Tetris

Don't Lose the Organizing Game

In the classic game of Tetris, falling colored blocks must be correctly fitted into each other to form lines. Whether packing a moving truck, arranging a home office, or finding space in your kitchen pantry, organizing is just like Tetris.

Here are five simple tricks to make sure you win the game every time.

1) Square containers maximize space. No space is wasted with rounded edges in Tetris. Get in the habit of picking canisters and bins that are square, so to not lose space that rounded containers leave behind. This means more space for toiletries on bathroom shelves and space for additional storage in refrigerators and garages.

2) Oddly shaped pieces can be a nightmare. How easily that rectangle fits, and the “L” shape is so handy. But what about those pieces (furniture, small appliances) with parts that jut out and don’t quite fit with the things around it? Choose furniture that won’t take up space with unnecessary flourishes, modern accents, or curved designs. Symmetry is naturally perceived as beautiful and creates clean and clutter free lines. An “L” shape desk is an optimal work space.

3) Stack up for added space. Run out of space along the wall? Time to start looking up! Adding shelves, or swapping a squat unit for a tall narrow one can be a great way to add storage to a room that seems maxed out.

4) Run out of space—you lose. Well not really, but it makes living awfully tough. You may lose time looking for things, lose sleep from stress, or lose your marbles trying to keep everything in order.

5) Organizing feels good! When you fit that last piece into the row, nothing feels better! Finishing the job and having an organized space will help you think more clearly and live with purpose. Be proud of your hard work!

Clean lines, well-fitting pieces and smart stacking - sounds like you're the winner!

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