Seven Techniques to make Tax Time Less Taxing

Seven Techniques to Make Tax Time Less Taxing

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Most of us would rather do anything than file our taxes. Even if you have professional help, it’s your responsibility to get the information together.  So, here are seven quick tips to help make tax time less taxing for you.

- Remember that your income tax return is due April 30 each year.  Taxes owed are also due April 30.

- If you are married, living common law, or have a family, file your taxes together.  This way, you can take advantage of qualifying deductions and credits such as college tuition, childcare expenses, and medical costs.

- If you plan to hire an expert for advice on your return, look early.  Ask friends for recommendations.

- If you do hire an expert, give them all the paperwork related to your taxes, including last year’s information.

Keep your paperwork well organized using envelopes, an accordion file, or file folders

- As you organize your paperwork, flatten out all papers and receipts and keep them filed upright.  This will save your tax expert time and save you money. 

- Visit the Canada Revenue Agency website at for quick answers to common tax return questions, or contact them at 1-800-959-8281

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