Take Your Dorm Room By Storm

Take Your Dorm Room by Storm

Organizing a dorm room can be a daunting task, but with experts to help, starting the school year right can be a breeze.

Whether a student is a dorm room pro or tackling dorm life for the first time, making the most of the space they have to live, sleep and study in can be a challenge.

Colette Robicheau, professional organizer at Organize Anything, specializes in downsizing and developing systems to work in any sized space. She has the following tips to share about maximizing your small living space and easing the transition from home.

1.  Plan ahead. Get floor plans and lists of do’s and don’ts. Create a list or use a Pinterest board like this one to collect your ideas

2.  Double up. Try to avoid appliances and furniture that only have one purpose. Instead of an alarm clock, pick up a radio/iPod docking station/alarm clock/charging station for the bedside table. Or invest in a printer that’s also a scanner and copier. Multi-purpose means less space wasted. An ottoman is great for storage and extra seating.

3.  Make your bed. Often in a dorm room your bed is your couch, study chair, extra storage space, clothes shelf as well as a place to sleep. Invest in bedding that’s durable and hides stains and don’t forget to ask about if you’ll need extra long sheets. A mattress topper can add comfort and encasements can protect for allergies and pests. Store items you may not use often under your bed for extra space.

4.  Have a light bulb moment. Invest in full spectrum light bulbs for your desk lamp – after all the fluorescent lights in the classrooms your eyes will appreciate the break. Small clamp lamps can be used to highlight specific areas in the room, which is considerate if you share your space.

5.  Contemplate your closet. A well organized closet can save so much space and frustration in a dorm room. Adding a double hang rack or baskets will increase storage space. Use a back of the door shoe holder for shoes and more. Also handy are 3M Hooks with Command™ Adhesive.

6.  Tote-able toiletries. Keeping all shower and hygiene products in one easy-to-carry tote not only makes it easier to keep track of your shampoo, but keeps it all organized in one place. Make sure you get one with holes to let the excess water drain.

7.  Laundry bag blues. Tuck your laundry basket into the bottom of your closet or under the sink in the bathroom. Keep your detergent right in the basket. If your washing machines take quarters, tie a small change purse right to the basket itself.

8.  Create the illusion of space.  By pushing your bed and desk to the walls you increase your floor space. Put your desk under your window for the best natural light and your bed against a wall so you can use it like a daybed when not sleeping in it.

9.  Keep your desk organized. You’ll be spending a lot of time at your desk so making sure it’s neat and tidy with some great organizing products will make your studying that much easier. A whiteboard calendar will help you keep track of your upcoming assignments.

10.  Think small – Most rooms are not much more than 225 square feet.  Don’t overbuy in big box sizes and quantities when there is such limited storage space.

Organizing a dorm room can be a daunting task, but with experts to help, starting the school year right can be a breeze.

If you would like helping getting your Dorm Room set up to optimize your success this school year contact Organize Anything today. Colette works with individuals to assess their unique spaces and needs, designing and implementing a plan that is both efficient and economical.

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