Putting Your Day Planner to Use

Putting Your Day Planner to Use

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Many of us have a day planner. Some of us never pull it out of the drawer to put it to use, instead we rely on memory or scraps of paper.  Others who use their day planner are not using it to its full potential as the home for their lifetime goals, To Do Lists and more. Busy individuals may have difficulty getting through all their daily tasks and try their best to get as many done as possible. However, this might not be the best use of their time.

Setting Priorities

The first step in improving your day planner use is to right down your short term and long term goals. Once you know which of these is most important to you right now, you will be able to prioritize your daily tasks based on what gets you closer to the goals and not necessarily what is most urgent. Create a daily task list and prioritize your tasks (A, B, C). Complete tasks based on priority, not on ease of completion.

Be aware of your peak hours and schedule accordingly.  Stick to your schedule and check off tasks when completed.  Set deadlines for yourself and others.  Break overwhelming tasks down into small, manageable steps. Write phone numbers with your appointment information incase you need to let them know you are running late or have to cancel.

To Do Lists

Do not make lists on little pieces of paper. Keep everything in the notes section of your day planner so you won’t lose it and can easily complete tasks from earlier list that did not get completed. Block off time to run errands and do them all at once.  Organize them geographically so you make your stops in the quickest possible way. Consolidating tasks such as picking up and dropping off your dry-cleaning at the same time or shop for groceries once a week instead of every few days.

Get a daily planner and get in the habit of using it everyday.  Only use one planner and carry it with you at all times.  Set aside a few minutes everyday to review and plan your day.  Don’t leave anything to memory, put your day planner to work!

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