Quick Tips that Reduce the Work in Your Paperwork

Quick Tips that Reduce the Work in Your Paperwork

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Is most of your workday consumed by searching through jumbled files and piles of paper for that one document you want? Here are a few tips to help you keep all of your important papers properly organized:

Starting a new project? Create a file folder for it. This will prevent paperwork piles from forming on your desk. 

Want to keep your folder contents well organized? Staple relevant materials together. Paper clips tend to get lost, even catch on other papers within a file, making it harder to keep your documents in order.

Can’t keep track of priority files? Why not colour code them? This way, you can quickly scan your files looking for a specific colour because the eye reads colour faster than words.

File folders getting bulky? Here’s how you can keep folders thin. Each time you retrieve a folder, take a moment to discard paperwork you no longer need. You can also split the contents of any file into more specialized folders. It’s okay to have more than one folder for one client.

Returning a folder to your filing cabinet? Take a look at the folders before and after it and do a quick purge of outdated materials.

Use an in/out box on your desk. Refer to it daily to eliminate anything that does not belong. If an item is sitting in your box for more than a few days, find a folder for it or put it into action. At the end of the day, take 10 minutes to clear off your desk. This will create a more productive start to the next workday.

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