Seven Successful Strategies for Working from Home

Seven Successful Strategies for Working from Home

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Working from home, or ready to join the thousands of Canadians who already do? Home-based businesses offer considerable advantages, but many challenges.

Here are seven strategies that will make your home office experience more productive and rewarding.

1) Select a dedicated workspace.  If possible, select a room with a door to block out distractions.  Also, choose your space based on how you will use it.  For example, locate it near the main entrance to your home if clients and suppliers will be visiting frequently.

2) Choose your office furniture carefully. You want to create a space that is comfortable, productive and efficient.  Ensure your space is well lit and provides proper storage space.   

3) Purchase office equipment based on your needs.  Consider all-in-one equipment with fax, printer, copier, and scanner functions to save money and space.  Invest in a business phone line with voicemail so you won’t miss any messages.

4) Set a schedule and stick to it.   Early or late riser?  Business or casual?  Find the routine that works for you and keep it.  Remember to set daily goals to avoid doing household chores when you should be working.  Regularly scheduled breaks are also important, allowing you to stay fresh through the working day. 

5) Outsource and delegate.  It’s easier to stay efficient and focused on your work when you make use of support service providers, such as accountants and couriers. 

6) Plan your outings.  You’ll save time by picking one day during the week to run errands.

7) Take time to network.  It’s important to interact with friends and associates on a regular basis.  Plan weekly lunches or join a networking group to make new contacts and learn new business techniques.

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